Friday, June 17, 2011

Brooch Ahoy

My Nautical fabric arrived with not a minute to spare and it was exactly what I was hoping it would be.  It was just so lovely that I hung it on the fridge so I could keep looking at it while I made dinner.  The next day the kids were bundled off to school and I dashed straight to my sewing space.

This is what I made...

The first two attempts were just not quite right but the third was exactly what I was looking for so here is the final choice.
                        My favorite, I hope my swap-ee thinks so too.
It is now in the safe hands of Australia post, making it's way to the UK.  Pity it is going by air I think by sea would have been more fitting.  

Thank-you Ms Flowerpress for organizing the swap I really enjoyed the challenge.


  1. dam! wish it was coming to western Australia hahaha...i love it think they all look fabulous!

  2. Nice job Bec! I think they are all beautiful and I'm sure your swap partner will be pleased.

  3. They're awesome, I love the nautical theme and that anchor button!