Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Cake Up

We take birthday cakes very seriously at our house.  Many months of research and development are spent pouring over the Woman's' Weekly birthday cake books.   For many years our books have been a favorite bedtime story.  Birthday cakes have become a family affair with everyone including Mr Daddy contributing and helping on the day.   Sometimes the team approach works well, sometimes it just leads to Mummy having a breakdown.

This is a cat b'day cake made to an allergy free recipe using safe decorations.   The chocolate icing is made from golden syrup which was really tricky to work with. 
The pink Dolly Vardon always a favorite. 
This is supposed to be a lollie pop.  I think the concept and the Tim Tams worked the best. 
A fairy cup cake garden, the sticks took longer to make than the cakes!
Every year Master B wants this one.  Mr Daddy made the tree, nice touch isn't it, I love the Tic Tac teeth.
We found these icing creatures years ago and the girls just love them, we reuse them often.  I know that sounds gross but they store well and it's so easy to make a little cake landscape for them to live in.
I love these star punches on florist wire.  A great activity for the girls to do while I iced the cake.  I think they add that special birthday magic to any cake that is looking a bit flat. 
I love this Dino landscape it was really fun and easy to make and lent itself well to everyone helping.  It has iced cupcakes to make the mountain and waterfall with lashings of parsley provide the magic. 
Piggy cup cakes made for school, (you can't see their detail very well from this pic.)  We had a lovely little Sweat Shop going in the kitchen for these.   Mr Daddy was the Marshmallow Task Master and the children earnt their keep decorating.
This is a "Mummy Melt Down Cake" with too many helpers, I had to walk away.  They all loved it and thought it was their best ever!

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  1. what beautiful cakes. Shame they all get eaten