Saturday, June 4, 2011

Lollie Buttons

I have had this little pack of Stampin Up buttons in  my Too Good To Use pile for nearly a year now.

Today is the day to be crafted into something but what....  I have this theory of just get started and the ideas will flow.

Sometimes this works sometimes it doesn't.

First I laid out all the colours because they just look so pretty.

We all had a nice fiddle with them and admired the shapes.
Then we played around with a couple of combinations and pinned the one we liked the best.

Yes it was making me twitch not having pins heads that colour matched the buttons.

Even Miss M chimed in with "You know what would make it better Mum?  If the pins matched."

Master B said he would just like to lick it.  My nephew Master J thought he wouldn't mind giving it a lick too.
This is what we finished up with.

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  1. Oooh just love what you've done here with the buttons!