Wednesday, June 22, 2011

It's Not Every Day You Turn Four

Master B has just turned four which means cake time at our house.  The girls had all sorts of elaborate plans for what cake he might like.  As he is now four, Master B had his own very clear vision - He would like to decorate his own cake with lots of lollies.  After much air punching from Mummy all was organized,
1. Simple butter cake
2. Butter cream icing
3. Bowls of lollies
5. Clean hands
6. On your marks, get set, go!

This is what he made and loved every minute of it.
Master B also had a little morning tea with some kindy friends and this is the cake we made for that.
I am loving keeping it simple.  Master B wanted Blue and Green, I just couldn't bring myself to put in anymore food colouring that this so it is a bit on the pastel side.  I don't think any of the children minded.  There was half left when Mr Daddy got home, can you believe he picked off and ate all the freckles.  How naughty is that!

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