Monday, June 20, 2011

Happy Garden Days

A couple of months ago I plucked up enough courage to plant my potted bamboo directly into the garden!!! Yes it is a non clumping variety but I am skeptical as to how non-clumping bamboo can be. I rescued a near dead bamboo plant from a closing down nursery a couple of years ago (It was the only way bamboo would be in my price range.)  It had been doing quite well in a pot and even been divided up a few times but has never been spectacular.  For years I have dreamt of my own Bamboo Grove and of an endless supply garden stakes.   So I finally did it, I divided up my plant again and put half in the ground gave some to a friend and kept a bit in the pot.
I am delighted with the results, you would never know they are the same plant.  The plant in the ground has quadrupled in size and is so healthy.  But most excitingly the new shoots are magnificent.   Can you see the huge new shoot (also bit scary in a triffid kind of way?) 
One of the veggie patches on a good day with no dog or chicken damage.

Fresh shoots on the Malabar Spinach, they taste like peas when young.  They are not usually this pink but when photographed in the evening light it seems they are.  This is the pic I used in my blog banner.
Marigolds and Ornamental Kale taken in the same evening light.  I had planted the Kale to use as a cut flower but it is just so stunning in the garden I haven't been able to cut any yet.  

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