Friday, June 24, 2011

Chalky Toes

Little scribbles by little people.
A favourite past time at our house is chalk drawings.  It started with little scribbles over the driveway and has led to all sorts of craziness.  Including a Mr Daddy led chalking of the house, our neighbors were dismayed at his property devaluing behavior.
Mr Daddy's work - which didn't wash off with the rain and is still there a year later!
Bigger People's work
This afternoon all the neighborhood kids congregated on  the drive way and went to town.  They were planning to colour the whole driveway but managed to get one car space done before it got dark.  I admire their ambition.
There was chalk dust every where and beautiful rainbow footprints, proof that they had run through the house.  Straight to the bath for everyone!

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