Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Joy of Giving a Home Made Gift

The girls and I love to visit Saffron Craig's Blog, Saffron is an Australian fabric designer.  The girls like the blog as it has pics of other children on it and I like it because I love her fabrics.   We were very excited to see her new range of Softies and thoroughly enjoyed the video tutorial that we watched about 12 times.   As it was coming up to Master B's birthday Miss M thought we should make him the dog softies.  
Miss M cut them out and I sewed them together for her to stuff.    We ran out of our usual fluffy stuffing then remembered we had some mirco bead stuffing that we could use.  If you have ever used micro beads they are a nightmare, tiny polystyrene beanbag balls with a mind of their own.  However I am amazed at how well we managed to contain them.
It was also Miss M's idea to make a little quilt for them with the fabric off cuts.  She had a play with the design layout, and included the text, which I think is a nice touch.  As Miss S is learning to read she has especially enjoyed reading the phrases on the fabric, thanks to Ms Saffron for that extra bit of magic.  Mr Daddy did warn us that is was all very girly but we don't mind.  I know Miss M is actually making this for herself.  Master B will enjoying playing with his big sisters and the puppies when the plastic sheen  of his other gifts has died down. 
 What did Master B think when he opened his gift on the day "Oh that's just sewn" and moved straight onto the next gift, both the girls pounced on it.  Oh well.

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