Monday, June 13, 2011


I am very excited to be doing The Flower Press Brooch Swap this is my first swap and its what really got me up and blogging.  I am a big fan of the humble brooch for some reason winter is when I brooch.  ( It's probably because thats when the brooch friendly clothing of dark colours and jumpers come out.)  Here are some snaps of some previous years brooches.
These are three 2010 brooches I made to embellish bags.  Love a bit of flare on a bag and I always put a pin on the back just incase I want it on my jumper instead.
 The brooches on their respective bags.

These are also 2010's made to match two of my favorite skirts.  The mustard one is  my favorite of all time, I can't go past a yellow/grey combination.
I don't have any pics of 2009 must have been a mild winter.

2008 was the winter of crochet, this is the year I learnt to crochet.  You can see the evolution in my skills as I step up to roses, they were my favorite.  I have a jar full of my practise, practise, practises.

My jar of crocheted flowers.  Affectionately know as Crochet Flower Jam. 

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  1. oh I love all of these. They all look so yummie. Such nice colours